A Europe Without Orphans – From Vision to Reality


The European Facilitation Team of World Without Orphans invite you to join us for a 24 hour vision development workshop in January 2019.

Who is it for?

If you have a heart for orphans and children at risk and your heart joins with ours to be part of God’s purposes to place the fatherless in families, this is an event for you. 

We are inviting people from across Europe who could be the catalyst in your country, church denomination or group, or region towards growing a movement for family-based care for children who cannot live with their birth family, for whatever reason. Or, if you are already developing a ‘without orphans’ movement, this networking and planning event is a great opportunity to add momentum to the vision you are pursuing.

Are you serious in your commitment to serving what God is doing for the fatherless and orphans? Fill in the application form by December 14, 2018 to join us in January 2019.

What is it?

A sharing and workshop event that will envision you for a ‘world without orphans’ in the places important to you. We will help you explore how you can bring that vision into reality, or what are your next steps.

Why will you come?

Because you:

  • Have God’s call to start or bring momentum to a ‘WWO’ movement in your area or country
  • Want to connect with others who share this heart
  • Wish to work out how to go about growing something and what are your next steps
  • Have relevant experience, passion or wisdom to share 


Lunchtime on Wednesday 23rd to lunchtime Thursday 24th January 2019. 

We will meet at House Elim in Raemismuehle, near Winterthur, Switzerland. Set in a beautiful forest valley, House Elim is 40 minutes from Zurich airport and easily accessible by train. Accommodation is shared rooms and all food will be provided.

The cost of taking part will be in an all-in price of $170 per person for accommodation, food and your participation in the workshop programme.

What is in the programme?

The time together will include opportunities to pray and understand the vision for a world without orphans, practical examples of what is happening in different places now, structured discussion about where you are now, what God is saying to you about your vision, and what you can do.

We will work out what World Without Orphans’ European team can do to support you and connect you with others with the right experience to help you take your vision and plans forward.

What do you do next?

Fill in the application below, telling us why you want to come and we will get back to you to complete the booking process.

If you would like further information, contact Andrii Fedun


Fill out my online form.