Ukraine Without Orphans



Ukraine Without Orphans

Ukraine has a population of 44.5 million people, and 92,000 orphans (27,000 of whom are adoptable).  Most adoptable orphans in Ukraine live in institutions like orphanages, though in recent years Ukraine has made great strides in moving towards family care like foster care and adoption.

The vision for a World Without Orphans first began in Ukraine, when Ukrainian Christians gathered together to dream of how they could empty orphanages in Ukraine through believers adopting.   Today, 120 organizations are formally part of the Ukraine Without Orphans alliance, and over 10,000 churches in Ukraine have participated with UWO through Orphan Sunday.

Current UWO focuses are on equiping the local church to care for orphans through their One Church, One Child campaign, as well as seeking to change national legislation on orphans and adoption.

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