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Movements of Christians across Europe are already transforming the lives of 10s of thousands of children and families. The European Facilitation Team supports the start and development of these movements for children to remain, regain or find a permanent nurturing family.
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Children in Families: March 2020

Invitations are now open to groups of 3 or more people from individual countries across Europe and the Middle East to a World Without Orphans roundtable event in March 2020. This 2nd such event in our region is open to you if you are leading or serving the vision that every child will grow up in a safe, stable and nurturing permanent family, and know their Heavenly Father.

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Europe is a continent with a population of 741 million. 666 per 100,000 of the population of central and eastern Europe and the countries of the former USSR are children living in residential care – orphanages and other institutional settings. In this region there are an estimated 7.3 million orphans. This is the highest rate globally. In the industrialised west, the number of children in residential care is 192 per 100,000 population.

Ukraine Without Orphans was the country where WWO started and has seen an incredible impact on drawing churches together to pray and in finding homes for orphans who previously were placed in orphanages.

In the United Kingdom, Home for Good is a movement to find a home for every child who needs one that is successfully mobilising the church to provide adopted and foster homes for children in state care. After 5 years, it is already an organisation respected by other bodies and government, with an influence on how families are supported and children provided for. 

These are just two examples of European countries where Christians have come together to see vulnerable children stay in or find a family, and we have now created a plan to activate and connect with leaders across Europe and equip them to join us in our vision for a world without orphans. 

As part of the WWO global goals, we aim to engage 6 leaders in each of 20 European countries and help 60,000 children across Europe, starting with roundtable events and discussions, leading to practical support and training. 

Below you can find news and events about Europe as the work develops.

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Richard Procter serves as Leading Coordinator for the Europe Without Orphans Facilitation Team. He is the adoptive father of two daughters and was involved in shaping the Home for Good national initiative in UK from its inception. Working in the past in Ukraine and Kazakhstan and also speaking Russian, he has rich experience in cross cultural communication and leadership. An important part of his passion and work is to support people of different nations with a spirit of fatherhood.

Europe News

Develop Your ‘Children in Families’ Vision

Posted on 2020-01-16
Invitations are now open to groups of 3 or more people from individual countries in Europe and the Middle East to a World Without Orphans roundtable event in March 2020.
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Setting the Lonely in Families

Home for Good, United Kingdom
Posted on 2019-09-02
From the opening chapters of scripture, where committed intimate human relationships are created to prevent us from being alone, to the great narratives that span the complexities of families through generations, to our final adoption into God’s global family – there is a clear Biblical mandate for family.
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A Europe Without Orphans – From Vision to Reality

WWO Workshop held in Rhaemesmuehler, Switzerland 23-24th January 2019
Posted on 2019-04-25
This event, organized and hosted by the WWO European Facilitation Team, was aimed at people considering, or already setting up, a ‘without orphans’ movement in their own country or region. It was publicised as a workshop to help people consider what God is doing and leave with practical things they could do as next steps in their country.
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Strengthening Foster and Adoptive Families in Ukraine

By Karen Springs
Posted on 2019-03-27
For the last decade foster care and adoption has been on the rise in Ukraine, as the need for caring for orphans and vulnerable children has been recognized by the Evangelical community. Evidence of this growth was seen at the recent 2018 Strengthening Families Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, which hosted over 200 foster and adoptive parents for a weekend of teaching, refreshment and encouragement. 
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Disabled Co-op Schools:  Keeping Families Together

Posted on 2019-02-25
Unfortunately in Kyrgyzstan, the prevailing "wisdom" is that most children with special needs belong in boarding schools. We have even heard a couple stories of the authorities threatening parents to take children into state custody for not putting their children in these special schools (The law protects against this, but many parents don't know that.)  While some of these schools might be decent places, many of these kids with special needs get lost in such a big, unpredictable, stressful environment.  Serious behavioral problems often develop.  For families from rural communities, the choice is often between giving the kid away to an institution or not giving the child any education. 
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