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Movements of Christians across Europe are already transforming the lives of 10s of thousands of children and families. The European Facilitation Team supports the start and development of these movements for children to remain, regain or find a permanent nurturing family.
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Children in Families – A wonderful sense of being together as a Christian community across Europe was the outcome of the recent Children in Families roundtable event and we continue to meet online to pray and share with each other during the Coronavirus crisis. Recordings of the key speakers and sessions will be posted here shortly.” If you are in Europe and wish to join the regular Pray & Connect zoom meetings, email us on

Europe is a continent with a population of 741 million. 666 per 100,000 of the population of central and eastern Europe and the countries of the former USSR are children living in residential care – orphanages and other institutional settings. In this region there are an estimated 7.3 million orphans. This is the highest rate globally. In the industrialised west, the number of children in residential care is 192 per 100,000 population.

Ukraine Without Orphans was the country where WWO started and has seen an incredible impact on drawing churches together to pray and in finding homes for orphans who previously were placed in orphanages.

In the United Kingdom, Home for Good is a movement to find a home for every child who needs one that is successfully mobilising the church to provide adopted and foster homes for children in state care. After 5 years, it is already an organisation respected by other bodies and government, with an influence on how families are supported and children provided for. 

These are just two examples of European countries where Christians have come together to see vulnerable children stay in or find a family, and we have now created a plan to activate and connect with leaders across Europe and equip them to join us in our vision for a world without orphans. 

As part of the WWO global goals, we aim to engage 6 leaders in each of 20 European countries and help 60,000 children across Europe, starting with roundtable events and discussions, leading to practical support and training. 

Below you can find news and events about Europe as the work develops.

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Richard Procter serves as Leading Coordinator for the Europe Without Orphans Facilitation Team. He is the adoptive father of two daughters and was involved in shaping the Home for Good national initiative in UK from its inception. Working in the past in Ukraine and Kazakhstan and also speaking Russian, he has rich experience in cross cultural communication and leadership. An important part of his passion and work is to support people of different nations with a spirit of fatherhood.

Europe News

Hope in the Midst of Crisis

Posted on 2020-07-15
Last summer, three newborn babies, were abandoned in a hospital in Bucharest, Romania. The future did not appear hopeful for these three infants. Stelian was born with Down syndrome, Gabriel had tracheostomy and gastrostomy (meaning he breathes and feeds through tubes), and Eric was born with hydrocephalus, West syndrome, and vision loss. More than once, however, the medical personnel expressed their skepticism: “It would take a miracle for a family to take a child like this home.”
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Supporting families in Ukraine during COVID-19

Posted on 2020-05-06
When quarantine restrictions went into effect in Ukraine, orphanages and boarding schools made the decision to send many of their children home to families and relatives. Because many children returned to families dealing with chemical addictions and not adequate living conditions, the safety of children became an immediate concern. 
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Europe Without Orphans “Children in Families” Online Event

Posted on 2020-04-24
Coronavirus didn’t stop 50 leaders from 21 nations gathering together for a 3-day event last month. How was this possible? Thanks to ZOOM conferencing technology, the Europe Without Orphans gathering went forward as planned, but with one slight change- it was all online. Not only was the online gathering meaningful and engaging, but it allowed for more people to attend!
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Some think we’re heroes, others that we’re fools

Posted on 2020-03-12
Anton Putilin is not your average 28-year-old. Husband, Father of 5 (including four adopted daughters), non-profit founder and now on the leadership team of Kyrgyzstan Without Orphans, Anton is a man on mission.  
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Growing Vision in Poland

First Poland Meeting – Warsaw, 9th January 2020
Posted on 2020-02-24
The start of a new decade saw a small group of 14 people meeting in Warsaw to share stories and explore how to engage the church for orphans and vulnerable children across Poland.
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