Children in Families 2020

Develop Your ‘Children in Families’ Vision

We invite you to participate in a virtual, online, roundtable event for a Europe Without Orphans. Participants from the Middle East are also welcome to join us as part of our support to a regional expression of the WWO vision in the Middle East.

Participate in God’s Purposes for Vulnerable Children

Following a change to the planned face-to-face event in Croatia, which has been inspired by the protective restrictions caused by Coronavirus, we are now holding this event online on 24th-26th March 2020.

What is the Biblical foundation for calling the church to commit to work for a world where orphans and vulnerable children are raised in families, not institutions?

What are the practical steps needed to establish and develop a ‘without orphans’ movement in your country?

How can we engage the church and church leaders into co-labouring with us for this Gospel work?

These are the questions we will be addressing together through this roundtable. Each session presented and facilitated by people experienced at working out these questions in their own country or across whole regions. Every session will lead to discussion to explore in country or region groups what are the implications for you and your country or region, and we will invite to take practical actions, your next step away with you.

Using leading edge technology, we can offer translation groups, break out groups and meet all together to learn, to worship and pray. All you need is a computer, laptop or mobile phone to join us, and the possibility of committing the time to the virtual conference. And still spend your evenings with your family!

Come and Join us

If any of these phrases reflects who you are and what you seek, do be with us in Croatia. You:

  • Have God’s call to start or bring momentum to a ‘WWO’ movement in your area or country
  • Want to connect with others who share this heart
  • Wish to work out how to go about growing something and what are your next steps
  • Have relevant experience, passion or wisdom to share


Do sign up for this event by completing the registration form below. The charge is GB£24.75 (€28), that will enable us to cover the costs of producing the event.

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We believe this change, although not sought by the facilitation team, is an opportunity to widen participation and share the insights. Following the event, the WWO European Facilitation Team will be delighted to talk and support you as you develop your work for orphans in your country. A detailed programme will be published a week before the event. If you would like to join us, but cannot make the whole time, contact us to work out how we can help you gain from the roundtable.

This is a roundtable and planning event for people involved in orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) work in Europe or the Middle East. We are only able to accept registrations from people who live or work with OVC in Europe, including the UK, or the Middle East. Thank you.

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