World Without Orphans Roadmap: Foundations for Active Engagement

Posted on 2019-11-14
You can share in the holy task of ensuring that every child grows up in a safe, stable and nurturing permanent family, and reaches their God-given potential. How can you best equip yourself to join the movement? Finding the right path for you begins with matching your role with your vision. Take a short quiz at and the result will be a set of recommended resources you can use to get started down your personalized path of the roadmap, along with full access to the WWO Roadmap booklet in PDF form.
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Hope in the Midst of Crisis

Posted on 2020-07-15
Last summer, three newborn babies, were abandoned in a hospital in Bucharest, Romania. The future did not appear hopeful for these three infants. Stelian was born with Down syndrome, Gabriel had tracheostomy and gastrostomy (meaning he breathes and feeds through tubes), and Eric was born with hydrocephalus, West syndrome, and vision loss. More than once, however, the medical personnel expressed their skepticism: “It would take a miracle for a family to take a child like this home.”
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Collaboration Grows Movement in Paraguay

Posted on 2020-07-15
Little Paloma* was born into a very difficult situation. The baby’s mother, overwhelmed by her own life challenges, disappeared after the birth of Paloma, leaving the baby girl in need of parental care. Three years prior to Paloma’s birth, a family in Paraguay heard a message from WWO representatives who were visiting Paraguay and sharing about the importance of adoption and foster care. It seemed God had been planting seeds to prepare this family for an event that would take place three years later.
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How Simple Phone Calls Are Connecting and Helping At-Risk Families in India

Posted on 2020-06-15
Quarantine and coronavirus has called for creative times in ministry to reach vulnerable families and children. Our friends at Viva in India, have looked to innovative solutions by training mentor families in the community to reach out to at risk families over the phone and use these conversations to teach the COVID-19 Parenting tips.  These mentoring phone calls are structured to be participatory and engaging, they support proactive action for the family on each topic and even have the children participating. 
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Hope for Parents and Children

Posted on 2020-06-04
Though countries around the world are in various phases of dealing with the effects of COVID-19, we continue to hear positive ways the COVID-19 Parenting Tips are making a positive impact.
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