A Europe Without Orphans – From Vision to Reality

WWO Workshop held in Rhaemesmuehler, Switzerland 23-24th January 2019
Posted on 2019-04-25
This event, organized and hosted by the WWO European Facilitation Team, was aimed at people considering, or already setting up, a ‘without orphans’ movement in their own country or region. It was publicised as a workshop to help people consider what God is doing and leave with practical things they could do as next steps in their country.
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Sri Lanka Without Orphans Roundtable

Posted on 2019-04-23
The first Sri Lanka Without Orphans Roundtable was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on the 21st of March.  This event was organized and facilitated by the WWO team in partnership with the Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka and CERI Sri Lanka.  Its goal was to bring together Sri Lankan leaders from churches (and denominations), NGOs, government, and...
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Botswana: Seeing God's heart moving God's leaders to love all the children!

Posted on 2019-04-22
Key faith leaders from across Botswana are hearing God's call to prevent vulnerability and care for orphans and their families! Botswana has four national trainers who are hearing God's call to love children. 
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Strengthening Foster and Adoptive Families in Ukraine

By Karen Springs
Posted on 2019-03-27
For the last decade foster care and adoption has been on the rise in Ukraine, as the need for caring for orphans and vulnerable children has been recognized by the Evangelical community. Evidence of this growth was seen at the recent 2018 Strengthening Families Conference in Kyiv, Ukraine, which hosted over 200 foster and adoptive parents for a weekend of teaching, refreshment and encouragement. 
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Training with UK Specialist for Judges, Public Defenders and Public Prosecutors

Paraguay Protects Families - In The Courts

By Anja Goertzen Gaona
Posted on 2019-02-25
We are in awe at how God has MOVED and acted on behalf of vulnerable children.
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