Changing Mindsets and Practice

Written by Rebecca Nhep
Engaging Christian faith based actors in deinstitutionalisation and child welfare systems reforms

This tool was designed to help those seeking to assist Christian faith-based actors involved in long-term residential care programs make the transition from institutional to non-institutional (family and community-based) child welfare programs. It was written to give some insight into what this journey called ‘deinstitutionalisation’ might look like and what steps and processes might be involved. Whilst it contains a brief overview of the technical stages, its main purpose is to guide you through the process of achieving buy-in and is not intended to be a technical deinstitutionalisation manual.
It also includes the learning derived from ACCI Relief’s experience in shifting mindsets and practice within our own Australian Christian Churches (ACC) movement and Australian Christian Churches International (ACCI) programs, as well as from other Christian organisations and church networks we have engaged with over a five year period. It is our hope that these lessons and insights will provide valuable guidance for organisations or individuals wishing to embark on a similar journey.

Download Changing Mindsets and Practice booklet PDF.

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