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Exploring the Continuum of Care

Interactive graphic depicts an overview of the different types of care

Today the Faith to Action Initiative launched a new resource on the continuum of care for children. This web-based tool will help you explore a range of care options for children who are separated, or at risk of separation, from parental care.

The continuum of care interactive graphic depicts an overview of the different types of care to consider when a child is separated from family care. The colorful graphic allows you to explore each topic on the continuum of care through links to short narratives, helpful resources, and inspirational examples.

Multiple pathways illustrate the uniqueness of children’s circumstances and journeys—no single pathway or type of care can meet the individual needs of every child. A full range of approaches, as well as sound decision making (known as gatekeeping) and strong family support services, are needed to ensure the best outcomes for all orphans and vulnerable children.

In keeping with best practice and evidence-based guidance from around the world, the continuum of care places highest priority on care within families, including reunification with birth parent(s)kinship carefoster care, and adoption. While safe and loving family care is the goal, the continuum of care also recognizes the role that temporary and transitional residential care and small group homes can play in the spectrum of options to meet individual situations and needs.

This new resource will enhance your learning on the continuum of care and engagement in caring for orphans and vulnerable children. Please share this new resource with your networks today!

The Faith to Action Initiative serves as a resource for Christian groups, churches, and individuals seeking to respond to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children.  Through their publications, websitewebinars, and workshops, they offer practical tools and resourcesengage options, and up-to-date information on key strategies and research to help guide action.