Kinnected FAQ

ACCI Relief firmly believes that the best place for children to grow, develop and thrive is in a family. We believe that this is God’s design and the natural social unit charged with the care of children within every culture. We also recognise that there are many children and families who are in crisis which can leave children vulnerable, at risk and in need of support, or in some cases, in need of an alternative option to living with their biological family. These crises range from poverty related issues, abuse, disaster to conflict situations or the death of parents.

Through Kinnected, we are assisting field workers and strategic partners to develop and implement alternative care for children. We are assisting residential care facilities to develop reintegration programs. These programs will see children reintegrated into their families with appropriate support and care and ensure that the residential care facility is used only as a temporary and last resort option for children. We are also assisting projects to develop a stronger focus on family preservation and family and community strengthening, this aims to address the root causes of most family crises and the underlying reason that 80% of children are placed in residential care.

Discussing residential care, reintegration, alternative care and family preservation often raises a lot of concerns and questions from people who are involved in this area, either as project staff, facilitating organisations or supporters and donors. The following information has been developed to address the most common questions and misunderstandings that we have encountered in the course of Kinnected’s history. If the concerns or questions that you have are not adequately answered below, please feel free to contact ACCI Relief staff on +61 3 8516 9600 to discuss your specific concerns.

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