Growing Vision in Poland

First Poland Meeting – Warsaw, 9th January 2020
Posted on 2020-02-24

The start of a new decade saw a small group of 14 people meeting in Warsaw to share stories and explore how to engage the church for orphans and vulnerable children across Poland.

20,000 children are being raised in orphanages in Poland, and the group met with many difficult outcomes for many of these children in the forefront of their mind, creating a sense of urgency, coupled with a -based care in the whole group.

All were moved by the heartfelt and passionate desire for change was shared by all, each with their own experience of orphanhood or serving orphans. A journey has begun and will continue as the group meets for prayer and reaches out to others who could not be at this first event, as well as to national church leaders. 

Pray for the emerging champions of family-based care in the Polish church, engaging with society with a vision for change.

Growing Vision in Poland Growing Vision in Poland