World Without Orphans Roadmap: Foundations for Active Engagement

You can share in the holy task of ensuring that every child grows up in a safe, stable and nurturing permanent family, and reaches their God-given potential. How can you best equip yourself to join the movement? Finding the right path for you begins with matching your role with your vision. Take a short quiz at and the result will be a set of recommended resources you can use to get started down your personalized path of the roadmap, along with full access to the WWO Roadmap booklet in PDF form.

The YES Effect - Ukraine

After decades spent serving in global missions mobilization, Luis Bush has a unique perspective on what God is doing around the world. Though statistics and maps can be a great place to start, The Yes Effect reveals that true transformation begins when we restart our hearts—getting in sync with God’s tenderness toward the oppressed and regaining compassion for the lost. In The Yes Effect, Dr. Bush shares his own story as well as inspiring stories of individuals and organizations around the world whose acts of...
Nurturing Orphaned and Vulnerable Children: Online Training

Transitioning to Family Care for Children

From Residential Care to Families; produced by Faith to Action
The Online Training is an in-depth, guided learning process that aims to come alongside those who want to build their knowledge and think critically about how to transition their ministries away from residential care to care within families. Register Now on Faith to Action Initiative

Vision for a World Without Orphans - Booklet

World Without Orphans is a movement of Christians from around the globe working together towards the vision of a world without orphans. Learn how you can join with believers around the world in this global movement!

World Without Orphans: Roles for Churches

The purpose of this short booklet is to stimulate discussion among churches, their members, and their communities about various potential roles, related to child welfare practice, in working together for a world without orphans. It is now also available in Spanish and Russian! The goal of World Without Orphans is to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to grow and thrive in safe, healthy, nurturing, permanent “forever” families. The primary target group of the WWO initiative includes children who...
Violence Against Children Prevention: Online Resources

INSPIRE: Seven Strategies to End Violence Against Children

Initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with 8 other global agencies, INSPIRE builds on the best of THRIVES: Core Strategies to Prevent Violence Against Children from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and UNICEF’s Ending Violence Against Children: Six Strategies for Action. Resources: INSPIRE Infographic End Violence Against Children Campaign INSPIRE Executive Summary INSPIRE Executive Summary in Other Languages INSPIRE Full Report INSPIRE technical package for ending violence against children Press...

Child Status Index Made Easy

Introduction booklet
The Child Status Index (CSI) is very easy to use. You don’t have to be a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) expert to use it. If you do home visits and talk to children and their caregivers, then you can use this index to assess the well-being of each child. This booklet contains both a picture and written form of the CSI. The drawings or pictures show children in both a very good status (far left) and in a very bad status (far right) for each of the 12 factors. The booklet also provides basic instructions...

Family Interview Guide

A Guide for Foster Care and Adoption Assessors
This guide will provide sample questions to help you conduct your interviews with prospective adoptive parents and foster caregivers. It is also appropriate to use in assessing kinship care families in becoming licensed foster caregivers. These sample questions are only offered as suggested guidelines. Of course, interview questions will need to be tailored to the families being interviewed, and follow-up questions will need to be formulated based on responses from the family members. These questions will give Assessors...

Think Orphan podcasts

The Think Orphan podcast is hosted by Kelly Stewart, Social Worker and adoptive mom, and Philip Darke, President of Providence World and co-author ofIn Pursuit of Orphan Excellence.Each week, they discuss the difficult issues and hot topics involved in the global orphan crisis with leading voices from around the world, such as Jedd Medefind, Rebecca Nhep, Ruslan Maliuta, and Peter Greer. From poverty alleviation and family strengthening, to best practices in caring for orphaned and abandoned children, to human trafficking...

Transitioning to Family Care for Children Tool Kit in English, French, and Spanish

The Tool Kit allows users to access over 200 resources organized by specific topics within the transitioning care process, including practical tools, evidence-based research, case studies, country-specific information, and many other resources. This in-depth, online resource, from our friends at the Faith to Action Initiative,equips churches, faith-based organizations, donors, and others seeking totransitiontheir care and support of children from residential care models to care withinfamilies. This Tool Kithas been translated...
Understanding Care of Orphans: Online Interactive Resource

Exploring the Continuum of Care

Overview of Care: Orphans and Vulnerable Children; produced by Faith to Action
The continuum of care interactive graphic depicts an overview of the different types of care to consider when a child is separated from family care. The colorful graphic allows you to explore each topic on the continuum of care through links to short narratives, helpful resources, and inspirational examples. Visit the Web-based tool to explore The Continuum of Care

What Can You Do to Protect Children in Short-Term Missions?

Start by downloading the Child Protection in Short-Term Missions Manual and Toolkitand use it as a guide to ensure your organisation or church’s STM program is ethical and upholds children’s best interests. "All of the assumptions I carried into my ‘career’ have become myths debunked and the sobering reality that I and others like me are left to grapple with is that it is dangerously easy to do harm - even with the best of intentions." - blog quote by Rebecca Nhep, CEO of International Programs at ACCI...

Ethical Volunteering with Vulnerable Children

How volunteers and visitors can best support vulnerable children
The plight of vulnerable children in the developing world is challenging and moving and stirs many good-hearted people to seek opportunities to volunteer within programs that assist children such as orphanages and shelters. Without careful consideration and awareness of the broader issues, our good intentions could contribute to the exploitation and vulnerability of the children we seek to help. For this reason ACCI Relief has developed this info sheet on ethical volunteering in orphanages (residential care centres). DownloadEthical...

Changing Mindsets and Practice

Written by Rebecca Nhep
This tool was designed to help those seeking to assist Christian faith-based actors involved in long-term residential care programs make the transition from institutional to non-institutional (family and community-based) child welfare programs. It was written to give some insight into what this journey called ‘deinstitutionalisation’ might look like and what steps and processes might be involved. Whilst it contains a brief overview of the technical stages, its main purpose is to guide you through the process of achieving...

Home - a Cambodian story

For every child in need of a family Introduction It is a testament to the good in humanity that we are moved to action by the idea of children in need. A great manypeople in the world seek to help these kids by setting up orphanages, donating to them, or offering our time as volunteers.I was one of these people. In 2007, my team and I founded the Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) to rescue fourteenchildren from a corrupt and abusive orphanage in Battambang. Starting an orphanage seemed like a...

In Defense of the Fatherless: Redeeming International Adoption & Orphan Care

By Sara Brinton and Amanda Bennett
Designed as a practical resource for Christian families and churches, the book empowers and inspires Christians to reform international adoption and orphan care. In Defense of the Fatherless casts a powerful vision for the end of the orphan crisis, inviting Christians to protect and provide for orphans and widows in response to God's mercy. Order your copy of In Defense of the Fatherless!

Filling Your Bucket

Grab a cup of coffee and your bible and take some time to be encouraged by Greg Haswell, senior pastor atNorthlands Church in Atlanta. What he shares is key for us adoptive and foster parents. FILLING YOUR BUCKET Foster parents and parents of adoptees have signed up for a vital ministry, both before God and to their children, and thereby have connected themselves to constant withdrawal from their walk with God and their emotional wholeness. Each one of us has an emotional and spiritual reserve that is both...

Becoming Home

Adoption, Foster Care, and Mentoring -- Living Out God's Heart for Orphan
GOD'S CALL TO CARE FOR THE ORPHAN IS FOR ALL OF US. Becoming Home is for anyone who has wrestled with how to address the orphan crisis. Caring for orphans makes grace touchable. When Christians choose to adopt, foster, mentor, or support care for orphans around the globe, it reveals God's true character to the world like nothing else we can do. This book unpacks specific steps everyone can take to care for orphans in distress. Some of these steps are 'big' choices like fostering or adopting; some are...

From Faith to Action: Introductory Resources

The Faith to Action Initiative provides free and downloadable resources and study guide materials for churches, faith-based organizations, and individuals seeking to respond to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children: Start Here:Infographic “Start Here” provides a visual representation of key statistics and facts that illustrate the global plight of orphans, the impact of orphanages on children, the importance of family, and an introduction to family-strengthening. From Faith to Action:Strengthening...

From Faith to Action: Journeys of Faith Study Series

A great way to engage and learn about orphan care together
The Journeys of Faith Study Series provides small groups and individuals with resources and tools that build on the content ofFrom Faith to Actionto highlight strategies, stories, and examples for supporting orphan care through church partnership, short-term missions, and much more. Read More Hundreds of pastors, laypersons, ministry and mission team leaders, faculty and students have found participation in aJourneys of Faithstudy group to be a great way to engage and learn about orphan care together. This series,Caring...
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